Located in Birmingham, Central Holistics provide a wide range of massage and healing treatments and particularly specialises in treating aches and pains, stress and anxiety, physical injuries, pre and post-surgical treatments and issues during pregnancy including post-natal stress.

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Holistic Therapies are the most natural way to de-stress the human body. With the ever increasing physical and
emotional pressures of modern living making relentless demands on the body, choosing Holistic Therapies can help to reduce stress and pain, providing the way forward to improving health, vitalityand stress free living.

​Aromatherapy Massage
​60 mins - £45

Using pure essential oils that have therapeutic

powers, Aromatherapy Massage rejuvenates the
body and mind. Specic oils are chosen to suit the
condition of the client which are blended with
base oil and applied with the use of powerful

​60 mins - £40

A treatment where specialised pressure point

techniques are applied to the nerve endings of
the feet precisely relating to all of the organs,
glands and systems of the body - promoting
balance and well being

​Deep Tissue Massage
​60 mins - £45

A vigorous massage, yet relaxing and soothing.

Good for releasing muscle tension and restoring
balance to the musculoskeletal system. It reduces
strain and discomfort caused by training or
participating in sport or activities, and it encourages
the body to heal and repair any injuries sustained

​Indian Head Massage
60mins - £35

This massage not only works on the head as

the name suggests but also on the face,
shoulders, neck, upper back and arms.
It works both on the body and mind helping
to relieve headaches, eye strain mental
tiredness and stress, promoting an overall
feeling of euphoria and well being

​Ayurvedic Marma Massage
​60/90 mins - £45/65

A vigorous massage manipulating the soft

tissues of the body based on the knowledge of
Marma points (pressure points), the vital points
on the body where bones, muscles, tendons
veins and vessels overlap. There are 107 main
Marma points in the body and can be gently
sedated or stimulated releasing energy blocks,
tension and toxins within the body

​Marma Detox Massage
​60 mins - £45

The movements used in this massage consist of

drainage techniques and stimulation of the
energy centres removing congestion, combined
with pure essential oils. Specically designed to
encourage and assist with the lymphatic system
helping to eliminate toxins from the body and
improving body tone by dispersing cellulite

​60 mins - £40

Reiki is an ancient and profoundly natural

healing method which allows you to absorb
more life force energy. A series of hand
positions are used to channel healingenergy
to dierent parts of the body. This non-intrusive
treatment vitalises and balances on all levels -
physical, mental, emotional and spiritual

​Tibetan Acupressure Head Massage  60 mins - £40

A unique therapy which draws on the ancient

wisdom and philosophies of Tibetan Ayurveda.
Includes massage of the scalp, face, neck, throat,
shoulders and upper arms removing
mental stress and restoring harmony and
balance to your mind and body through the
gentle massage of the acupressure points